Why Is The Nigerian Senate Paying Millions Of Naira Monthly To A Jailed Convicted Felon Joshua Dariye?

Joshua Dariye was Governor of Plateau State of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. Joshua Dariye was briefly impeached in 2006 and reinstated in early 2017 for money laundering over $10 million. Now in his 60s, Joshua Dariye has been a forerunner of Plateau State Politics for decades. In 2011, He successfully won his campaign to become a National Senator representing Plateau State Central.  A position he was re-elected for in 2015 for another 4 years.

joshua dariye senator governor prisoner n85 NG

Nigerian law provides immunity to Government leaders until the end of their tenure. Nonetheless, once Muhammadu Buhari assumed leadership as President of Nigeria, Joshua Dariye’s corruption trials from 2006 resumed. In 2018, Joshua Dariye was sentenced to 14 years in prison, later reduced to 10 years. At his sentencing, Joshua Dariye wept. 

In December 2018, it was discovered that Joshua Dariye had continued to maintain his 2015 elected Senate position from jail. No replacement had been constituted and Dariye continued to collect his allowances from jail. He also applied (from jail) to be re-elected into his senate position in 2019. This occurred under the weak leadership of Bukola Saraki. This is Nigeria. National development and governance become an enrichment tool for one man’s political games and gains.

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