6 African Women To Watch In Bitcoin & Blockchain

Paxful has launched an annual list of the leading female professionals and entrepreneurs in the African Blockchain and Bitcoin industries to highlight some of the most influential women in these emerging sectors. The individuals on this year’s list are all innovative and inspirational leaders who are actively making a difference and carving the pathway for other females to enter and make their mark in a space that has been predominantly occupied and led by men. The top 6 are listed below.


The List Of 6 African Women To Watch In Bitcoin & Blockchain 2020:

  1. Ojuedeire Doris (Nigeria) – Founder of Blockchain African Ladies group with over 3000 members
  2. Alakanani Itireleng (Botswana) – Founder of Satoschicentre. She is popularly called “The Bitcoin Lady”.
  3. Yaliwe Soko (Zambia/South Africa) – Founder of United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA)
  4. Monica Singer (South Africa) – Country Leader for Consensys Blockchain Company South Africa
  5. Sonya Kuhnel (South Africa) – Founder of Blockchain Academy South Africa and Director of Bitcoin events.
  6. Imen Ayari (Tunisia) – Head of Innovation Factory for Talan Tunisia

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