Meet 5 Bitcoin Billionaires Across The World

  1. Brian Armstrong

The 38 year old billionaire made his first entry into the world of cryptocurrency back in 2012, after co-founding the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange coin base. The exchange is currently valued at up to $10 billion, making it one of the most successful crypto companies to date. Armstrong owns an estimated 20% of coin base, which in December 2020 filed confidentially to go public. Brian Armstrong’s net worth is estimated to be about 6.5 billion dollars.

2. Chris Larsen

Larsen cofounded Ripple with Jed McCaleb in 2012 which is a blockchain-based remittance and payment settlement system that uses XRP for cross-border transactions. Prior to Ripple, he cofounded online mortgage lender e-Loan in 1996 and Prosper, a peer-to-peer lender, in 2005.In April 2019, Larsen and his foundation gave $25 million, largely in XRP, to San Francisco State University. His net worth is estimated to be about 2.9 billion dollars.

3. Michael Saylor

He is the CEO of software firm MicroStrategy, he was also one of the best-known executives of the Internet bubble—even making People magazine’s list of Most Eligible Bachelors. Saylor holds a $1.2 billion stake in MicroStrategy, which has been buying up Bitcoin at a frantic pace over the last year. His net worth is estimated to be about 2 billion dollars.

4. Changpeng Zhao

The founder and CEO of Binance, which is currently the world’s most popular cryptocurrency spot trading platform. Changpeng Zhao launched the exchange in 2017. He has also launched business lines ranging from a venture capital fund and a Bitcoin mining operation to a debit card that lets you spend your crypto in Europe. His net worth is around 1.9 billion dollars.

5. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The Winklevoss twins are the founders of crypto exchange Gemini and it is said to process about 200 million dollars a day in trades. They said “Money stored in a bank will get run over. Money invested in assets like real estate or the stock market will keep pace. Money stored in gold or Bitcoin will outrun the scourge. And money stored in Bitcoin will run the fastest, overtaking gold.” Their net worth is about 1.6 billion dollars each.

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