Africa’s Best: Top 3 Innovations Made In Africa

African countries are fast-growing in technology and innovation. The continent is no longer lagging behind when it comes to inventing new things and coming up with easy new approaches to crucial aspects of life such as health, science, communication, education and the likes of it. There are so many groundbreaking innovations Africans have spearheaded many years ago which were suppressed based on the system of such things as slavery in the old days. Today the brilliant African minds are coming out with fascinating and groundbreaking innovations, such things the world could never imaging could emerge from the developing continent. Africa is not a continent that should be underestimated anymore with the many potentials it possesses. Here are top 3 of the many fascinating innovations emerging from Africa:

  1. 3D printer; in 2013, Woelabs tech hub in Togo introduced the first Made in Africa 3D printer, created from e-waste, aimed at revolutionizing Africa.
  2. Biomedical smart jacket; Ugandan inventor Brian Turyabage created a biomedical smart jacket which can accurately diagnose pneumonia, four times faster than a doctor. The jacket analyzes the chest and sends the information to a smartphone app via bluetooth.
  3. Africa’s space race; Groundbreaking technologies for space exploration are slowly emerging from African countries The square kilometre array in South Africa will be the world’s largest telescope once it is completed. This technology will allow scientists to look much deeper into space.


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