Top 3 Causes Of Increased Brutal Dehumanization Of Fellow Citizens In Nigeria

Bandits kidnapping and raping children. Parents brutalizing children for the most minute reasons. Domestic staff going long hours and days without food or water. Leaders dehumanizing soldiers. Employers maltreating subordinates. The househelp that got burnt for doing chores wrongly. NYSC officials torturing graduates. Lt. Chika Viola Anele caught on camera bathing a kneeling adult with an unknown substance. Daily street arguments turned brutal fights. Citizens begging for brutal SARS to end. Read more at End SARS. Dehumanization has become a disease with causes that may not be easily cured.

3 Most Plausible Causes Of Increased Brutal Dehumanization:

  • POVERTY – Economical dependency on money and other financial instruments, has cause those who lack adequate financial resources to deviate into times of anger, high stress, anxiety and similar emotions that bring about heartless acts and situations.
  • DEPENDENCY, OVERUSE AND ADDICTION TO TOXIC SUBSTANCES NOT LIMITED TO ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND RADIATION – Microwaving foods, extensive overuse of phones and laptops, fumes from generators and other toxic occurences that have become part of many livelihoods today, can increase mental stress. Mental stress increases heartlessness which can lead to Dehumanization of others.
  • SIDE EFFECTS FROM DRUG ABUSES – Inclusive of medical and pharmaceutical drugs; not limited to illegal substances.


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