Top 3 most Profitable Industries in Egypt

Egypt is the 3rd largest country in Africa wih a population of about 87 Million people. It is also one of Africa’s biggest economies, with a GDP of $1.198 trillion and a GDP per capita of $11,850. Egypt is home to incredible ancient monuments, scorching deserts and bustling cities.

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  1. Tourism: This industry employs about 12% of Egypt’s labor force and accounts for 11% of Egypt’s Gross Domestic Product. The Great Pyramids of Giza is the country’s star attraction. Egypt is a top tourist destination with travelers always coming in and out of the country. Hospitality, travel and tours industry would definitely be most sought after.
  2. Oil: Oil dominates Egypt’s energy industry, with the country producing as much as 0.9 million barrels of oil each day. Egypt is a significant player in global oil production and is a member of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries. The Gulf of Suez, the Western and Eastern Deserts, and the Sinai Peninsula are Egypt’s top oil-producing regions. 
  3. Energy: The performance of Egypt’s economy is dictated by the country’s energy industry, which is the country’s top foreign exchange earner. The main sectors in this industry are oil, natural gas, hydro-power, and solar and wind power.
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