As 2019 comes to an end, we are compelled to look back at all the people, lessons and events over the past 348 days that have culminated to our journey into a new decade.  Gratitude is a common sentiment in this season and since there is no thanks without giving, it is important to appreciate the people who have contributed to making our year worthwhile not just with words but also using gifts to pass a message. Of such important people are our business partners who have not only been a part of our success but have contributed in one way or the other in putting food on our table. Whether you are gifting them alone or adding them to a hamper, here are the Top 5 Gifts for Your Business Partners this season as a show of respect and an invitation to do more:

  1. Leather Bound Journals:

Business and communication go hand in hand and if your partners are as business-like as we think they are; then they have a lot of writing to do. A journal is a perfect way of signifying that you know they have a lot on their mind and you would like to offer them a sanctuary for their precious ideas. If you would like to go the extra mile for your strongest business contacts, you can gift a leather journal with their names on Embossed on it. Ultimate Boss move.

2. Wall Art

A wall art/painting not only beautifies their office or home but ensures that they are thinking of you and your business when it matters most. If you are not sure they share the same taste as you in art, find a hobby, football club, sport or person that they are fond of and get an artwork having it as its theme.

3. Stress Balls

Anxiety is commonly associated with business and gifting your partner stress balls tell them that you are thinking about their health. Squeezing the balls help reduce anxiety by releasing tension and it is also beneficial to blood circulation, helps fight carpal tunnels syndrome and treating arthritis.

4. Travel Charger Kit

Though the holidays are meant for unwinding, it is also very important to stay connected in this period; which is the purpose of a travel charger kit. Consisting of charging cords and power banks, the kit shows that you have it in their best interest for them to stay in touch with the rest of the world while they are away.

5. Aroma Diffuser

The New Year should come with new dimensions and even a new aroma for their office space. The aroma Diffuser sticks not only add a refreshing scent to their office but also offers a certain aesthetic appeal.

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