Yulecation Africa: Top 4 Tourist Sites to Visit in Your Hometown

It has been an age-long tradition for Nigerians to retrace their steps and visit their roots at the end of every year. You are probably thinking about doing the same, aren’t you? It is a thing of joy to spend the Yuletide season around family and loved ones; good news, your time away from the city can be very well spent. Here are our Top 5 Tourist sites to visit in your hometowns to give you that true vacation feel:

1. Ndibe Sand Beach

This tropical cynosure is situated in Ebonyi State and cherished for its golden sands and recreational activities. Your trip to the East does not have to be filled with traditional weddings and village meetings, you can kick back and enjoy the sea-breeze and the view this season.

2. Dagona Bird Sanctuary.

Nature is beautiful and this National Park in Yobe State is here to prove it. Commissioned by Prince Phillip in 1989, the oxbow lake in Bade LGA of the state serves as a temporary accommodation for exotic migratory birds from Europe, America and Asia and provides them worth from the winter of their original habitats. Just like you, the birds are taking some time out from the city and providing the perfect opportunity for you to relish some diversity and colour, if you are in the North.

3. Oluminrin Waterfalls

Osun state is home to the breath-taking showers of the massive rock cleft in Erin- Ijesa. Not only does it offer a breath-taking view, it also makes for great cardio as visitors have to hike to get to their base of the waterfall.

4. Kajuru Castle

Ever wondered what the residence of Victorian-era monarchs would look like? Then the Kajuru Castle is here for your curiosity. Built between 1981-1989 by a German expatriate living in Kaduna at the time, the castle boasts of a medieval Disney-like edifice complete with an armory and a dungeon. To enjoy a panoramic view of the countryside, a crocodile pond and eco-friendly swimming pool, the castle is just right to end the year on a regal note.

5. Okomu Wildlife Reserve

It is especially important that endangered species in Nigeria have a safe haven to thrive and it is for this purpose that the reserve in Edo State was created. It houses Elephants, African buffalos, Warthog and over 150 species of birds as well as other fauna and flora. 

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