Nigeria’s High Potentials In Food Services Industry: Top 5 Sought-After Corporate Chefs In Lagos Nigeria

Great Corporate Chefs develop and manage the culinary excellence assurance of any dining establishment they are employed to work for. Corporate Chefs in Lagos are in high demand. With constant road traffic and the competitive nature of the hustle and bustle of a developing city, few have the time to cook. Corporate chefs provide great meals for executives, other employees and special corporate events. They are mostly employment in monopolized markets, the oil industry, hospitality industry and airline industry. The below are corporate chefs that have worked at, or currently working at institutions that have some of the best culinary dishes in Nigeria.

Corporate Chefs

  1. Abdallah Taleb – Lebanese born and trained chef with vast experiences in culinary development across Nigeria. He used to work at the popular VCP Hotel on Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos but now works at Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, Owned By Marriott International, in Oniru Royal Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.
  2. Hesham Ali – From Lily Gate to Eko Hotel, well sought after chef in a variety of dishes from Chinese to continental.
  3. Celebrity Chef Bilal Jamal Eddine – From private jets to Fine Dining to Consultancy.
  4. Fortune Houngbadji – Originally from The Republic of Benin, West Africa, where he began his cooking career as a chef for Hotel El Dorado, Fortune today is executive Chef to Gabriele Volpi, Billionaire Chairman of Orleans Invest & Intels Nigeria Limited. Volpi was recently awarded $680 million in debt repayment from Adewale Tinubu (Read: Who Is Gabriele Volpi and his turbulent rift with Adewale Tinubu of OandO).
  5. Owner/ Head Chef Faisel of Crust and Cream. From Blue Lodge Hotel to Blue Catering Services to Crust and Cream, he has grown into an expert in satisfying the taste buds of tens of thousands of customers.



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