Update! Politics In Nigeria: Presidency Denies Travel Ban List Of Over 50 High Profile Citizens From Travelling Abroad Over Corruption Allegations

Travel Ban List Nigeria

Just when we thought the recent travel ban list against certain prominent personalities in Nigeria could potentially be one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements during his first term as president of Nigeria, the Presidency has now denied issuing a list of Nigerians affected by the travel ban. It also clarified that the Executive Order No. 6 is not a political weapon against opposition but part of revolutionary efforts to rid Nigeria of corruption.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, issued the clarification today after the list containing 50 names of people cutting across the two main political parties and the military establishment. He stated: “I want to confirm to you that we have not issued any list and we are not doing so” “These cases are well known and to say this or that name is on it will open the door to further accusations, including trial by media. “The Immìgration Service and other security agencies have the mandate of the President to carry out enforcement and they will do so giving due respects to individual rights, in line with the constitution’’.

In reacting to a trail of criticisms over the implementation of the Executive order, Malam Garba Shehu dismissed the insinuation in some quarters that the activation of the EO6 was targeted at some individuals or politicians in the country. He added that; “EO 6 is not only revolutionary to the efforts to rid Nigeria of corruption but a manifestation of systemic changes that are required to make necessary adjustments as we carry on with the war against corruption. “The very essence of the order is to make for speedy trials and conclusion of graft cases. “The order is not politics and there is no political gain behind its activation. “These high profile cases we are talking about have been ongoing for between seven to 10 years with no end in sight. These cases were mostly originated by administrations other than this one. “What is clear is that the access to these resources by the suspects has enabled them to be in a composition to sometime compromise investigation, prosecution and trial.’’

It appears the federal government is trying to avoid making more enemies that will hurt the chances of President Buhari’s re-election in 2019.


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