Where Is Obaro Ibru? Son Of Billionaire Former CEO Of Oceanic Bank Of Nigeria

Obaro Ibru

Obaro Ibru, the handsome fun-loving son of the infamous matriarch of Nigerian banking, Mrs Cecilia Ibru, had the honour of being regarded as one of the ultimate rockers in the country. Obaro was the soul of many parties, especially those organized by fellow silver spoons. At the height of the family’s glorious days, Obaro, unlike his brother Oboden, who many see as humble and gentle, held most of the ladies spellbound with his overall package: young, rich, stylish and very upwardly mobile. Then suddenly came the travails of his dear mom, Cecilia, who as the chief executive officer of the defunct Oceanic Bank was arrested, tried and convicted for monumental fraud. The dude then slowed down his smutty lifestyle, but still showed the flash of his binge. However, in the last one year, Obaro seems to have embarked on a self-imposed exile. Aside from his disappearance from the social radar, he has also been irregular at his favourite Federal Palace Hotel casino where he used to unwind with select friends. This has set many tongues wagging on the state of the family’s finances. 

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