Who Is Peter Obi? Why Is He Considered A Unique Choice For Nigerian Vice Presidency In The 2019 Election?

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Peter Obi is the former governor of Anambra State Nigeria who first served from 17 March 2006 to 2 November 2006 under the APC’s platform, after his rival at the 2003 election Chris Ngige who was declared the winner by INEC but had his victory overturned by the supreme court of Nigeria 3 years into his tenure. Obi who took over from Ngige was, however, impeached 7 months after he began office by the state house of assembly but successfully challenged his impeachment and was re-instated as the governor on 9 February 2007 by the Court of Appeal to complete the 4-year tenure which ended on 29th May 2007. Peter Obi subsequently emerged as the governor of Anambra state again at the 2010 general election.

Today, Peter Obi has been chosen by PDP’s presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar as his running mate in the 2019 election and as such the vice presidential candidate. Many politicians and citizens have had different reactions to Obi emerging as Atiku’s running mate, some negative and others in support. However, Obi is currently trending in the media as a unique pick for vice president which some believe is a confirmation of his unquestioned competence, his reputation for integrity and experience in domestic and global economics. In addition, Obi is also a successful businessman and equally savvy in politics and economic matters just like Atiku which makes them a perfect match.

Obi’s accomplishments during his 8 years as the Anambra state governor which was considered excellent combined with his professional credentials are part of the major reasons qualifying him as a unique pick and is said to be what Nigeria needs at this point of her peculiar political and socio-economic history. With this, it is believed that Obi will draw from his shining legacy in Anambra state and vast experiences in different sectors of the economy in cooperation with Atiku to excel in their administration if they succeed in the election.

Nigeria is in need of good governance and good leadership and Obi is believed to be a model in those aspects given his triumph from his illegal impeachment and the great pessimism which he pulled Anambra state out of, leaving an outstanding legacy behind.


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