“Who Is Toni Iwobi And How Did He Become The FIRST Black Italian Senator in 2018?

Toni Iwobi was born in the city of Gusau in northern Nigeria, the Nigerian IT entrepreneur who has spent 38 years in Italy, has become the first black senator in the European country. He was elected in the industrial city of Brescia in northern Italy.

Iwobi is the founder  of Data Communication Labs Ltd. Previously he worked for AMZA (Azienda Milanese Servizi Ambientali) and has worked for a company in Roveredo, Switzerland.

“Friends, it is with great emotion that I inform you that I was elected senator of the Republic!” he said in a statement.

“After over 25 years of battles in the great family of the league, it is about to start another great adventure! My thanks go to Matteo Salvini, a great leader who led the league to become the first centre-Centre force of the country!“I have to thank then my National Secretary Paolo Grimoldi, my now former provincial secretary and new Congressman Daniele Belotti, the whole team of the department for work done over these years, the great league militants and all facebook friends for their support.

“I can’t forget my family, without them I wouldn’t have come here today because they never stopped supporting me and being close to me!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m ready, friends!”


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