5 Bizarre Customs Practised In South Asia

South Asia, rich in culture and tradition, has a unique character of its own. Asia is like a whole new world of hot and spicy temptation. The strange smells, intriguing languages and exotic food Top 3 Best Restaurants In Accra Ghana For Tasty Traditional African Food all add to that culture-shock factor. Below are top 5 bizarre Asian customs:Top 3 Most3 Unique Cultures Around The world

1. Deuki (Sacred Slave)

Deuki is a girl slave in Nepal who is offered to the local Hindu temple to gain religious merit. Historically, the girls served as temple slaves who were engaged by the priests to give sexual services to male worshippers at the temple.

2. Sky Burial

Buddhists in Tibet follow a sacred ritual called Jhator or Sky burial. As the name goes, dead bodies are taken to open fields at a very high altitude, to be left behind for scavengers. The tradition looks to provide resources to earth, even after death.

3. Fire Walking Festival

Firewalking festival is observed in some countries like India and Sri Lanka where walking on burning stones is considered to ward off evil spirits and is used as a purification ritual.

4. Polyandry System

In some parts of Nepal, a woman is made to marry more than one man simultaneously. Adopted by the Himalayan region, polyandry has been continuing for many years, much to the dislike of younger generation.

5. Marry A Tree

Some girls in India are considered to be born cursed, according to astrological readings in Hindu tradition. Those born under the period when planets Mars and Saturn are both under the seventh house, are known as ‘Mangliks’.

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