How USA President Donald Trump Is Humanizing Crime

Donald Trump is one of America’s top 10 richest men. He also became the president of The United States in 2017. As president of the United States, he has become one of the most powerful men in the world. He is also one of the most popular presidents in modern times. TV stations such as CNN, BBC and CNBC discuss Trump’s activities on a daily basis and thus he is constantly broadcasted to millions of people.

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Donald Trump has been accused of several crimes in the past. These include financial crimes, sex-related crimes and corruption allegations. His family members and associates such as lawyer Michael Cohen have also been accused of crimes. Some have actually been sentenced to spend time in jail. Beyond the accusations are deeper issues. Donald Trump is humanizing crime in the USA and around the world.

How Is Donald Trump Humanizing Crime?

Donald Trump is humanizing crime, hate and digital bullying. He got away with his statement that he can grab women by the pussy and many now fantasize to do such. He got away with being evil to Hillary Clinton during campaign tours and debates. Now many believe it’s okay to be mean. He got away with filing bankruptcy as a billionaire. Now many believe it’s okay to commit financial atrocities. He cheated on his wife and ex wives several times. Now many believe infidelity is a natural human trait.

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Donald Trump, being a very popular personality, reaching an audience of hundreds of millions of people, is teaching that it is okay to commit crimes and get away with it. He supported the Saudi Crown Prince against Khashoggi Allegations. According to trump, a crime is not ‘a crime’. What is a crime? Afterall, Trump is only human right? So, but, why do we have millions of people suffering in prisons for crimes similar to those the president of the United States has been accused of?

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