What Is US President Donald Trump’s Strategy For Africa?

Donald Trump resumed office as President of the USA in January 2017. Since then, very little has been said about Trump’s strategy for Africa. When Trump does speak on Africa, he is known to narrate negative comments. He has also been accused of being overly critical to African Americans calling them “lazy”. Donald Trump in 2018 referred to African countries as “shithole” countries. The same year, he called the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, “lifeless”. Donald Trump has avoided visits to the country but his wife Melania Trump visited South Africa and a few other African countries in 2018. Read: Top 3 Reasons Behind Melania Trump’s Africa Tour. Nonetheless, Donald Trump and his administration do indeed have Trump’s strategy for Africa.

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Donald Trump’s Strategy For Africa:

  • One of Donald Trump’s strategy for Africa is for the USA to be more powerful than Russia and China in resource-rich Africa. Russia has a massive military base in Libya and other African countries. China has provided billions of dollars in loans to Nigeria and other African countries.
  • Another of Donald Trump’s strategy for Africa is to reduce aid and US Government assistant to “shithole” African countries
  • One more of Donald Trump’s strategy for Africa is to reduce immigrants to the USA from “shithole” African Countries. Sudan, Somalia, Chad and Libya were at some point on Trump’s travel ban list. The US Government continues to strongly scrutinize travelers from African countries.

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