Oniru Royal Family: Abisogun Rulers Reject Gbolahan Lawal As Oba Oniru

Early June 2020, Commissioner Gbolahan Lawal of Lagos State was installed as the latest King (Oba) of the Oniru Royal Family (Read Here: How Did Gbolahan Lawal Become Oba Oniru?). Since becoming Oba, Lawal’s throne has been fraught with expected protests. Fiery protests are emerging from the Abisogun ruling house led by Alhaji Surajudeen Durosinmi. Durosinmi and members of the ruling house protested fiercely at Igbosere High Court on June 8th 2020. Additionally, they have appealed to President Buhari to intervene as they believe Lawal has no current rights to the throne. Read below quotes from the Abisogun ruling house.

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Statements From Abisogun Ruling House of Oniru Royal Family Protesting Against Oba Lawal:

  • “We reject Lawal and see it not only as a brazen desecration of tradition but also a suppression of the clear extant laws of the land in respect of the procedures for choosing a new king.”
  • “For the record, the imposed Lawal was not even in contention as he is only connected to the Oniru Royal House through his mother side, by which he is forbidden by tradition to even seek election to the throne in the first place.”
  • “Since the demise of Oba ldowu Oniru, we have noticed a handful of strong arm tactics by unscrupulous elements to hijack the Oniru stool for personal and political gains. As elders of the Abisogun family, we were approached and cajoled with money and other material trappings by these elements to waive our right to the throne as if the stool of Oniru was for the highest bidder.”
  • “We call the attention of the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to the fact that this imposition is an illegality that will not stand and one that shall be resisted and fought by ever lawful means. We are also saddened that the pursuit of truth, the dispensation of justice and the rectification of injustice have all left the citadel of integrity that government should represent. We call on the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to retract this brazen injustice. This is injustice, to take advantage of the lockdown of COVID-19 to install a stranger. There is a courtcase ongoing with suit number is LD/6681/JCMW/ 2020 before Justice Owolabi Dabiri of Lagos State High Court, Igbosere.”

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