Who Is Natasha Hadiza Akpoti? Any Scandals? And What Are Her Political Goals In Nigeria?

39 years old Natasha Akpoti hails from Kogi State. One of few politically aggressive women in Nigeria, Natasha Akpoti is an entrepreneur who proudly considers herself a social advocate with a huge passion for people and for doing good. She is popular among Nigerian digital millennials for starting a campaign on twitter with hashtag #operationsshowyourcertificate in response to the several faker certificate sagas circling around Nigeria’s political system; most recently the Kemi Adeosun Fake NYSC Certificate saga. Natasha Akpoti is aspiring to be a Senator in Nigeria representing Kogi Central during the 2019 elections. Keep reading below…


Most times, your friends know your best. Even better than your family. In 2018, one of Natasha’s friends, Sadiya Ahmad Marshall, alleged publicly on Facebook that the mother of 3 was engaged in an affair with controversial senator Dino Melaye:

“Ajakuta Princess, Madam Lawyer [it’s] payback time, Get ready to defend your wounded lion [Dino Melaye] along Abuja Lokoja road in the name of love, with all the GLKs etc you received. Aje kun iya nu je”

Another friend, Berry Ekweremadu, also alleged that Natasha Akpoti had an affair with both father Audu Abubakar and son Mohammed Abubakar during the same period:

“… Natasha was sleeping with the late Audu [former Governor of Kogi State Nigeria] we all tried to stop her but she said she has to help her family and she meet Mohammed Audu’s son and fell in love and I remember it was like yesterday that Audu got to no cos Mohammed took Natasha’s Pictures as a girl he wants to marry on that faithful day Audu called Natasha to meet him in the house in asokoro kogi state government lodge and my sister Natasha thought is business as usual so she left, just to call Sadia’s landline crying to come and get her by the way Sadia’s House was on Thomas sankara same asokoro and Sadia rushed to pick her and when they finally returned I remember Sadia holding natasha both crying and with tears asked her is this humiliation worth the money and Natasha promised never ever to see both father and son but it was the matter of time. Mohammed never looked at Natasha again but that bitch continued with the father regardless.”

We wish Natasha all the best with her political aspirations. More importantly, we wish Nigeria only the best leaders come 2019. Does Nigeria want to elect any senator in 2019 that is affiliated with current senator Dino Melaye?



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