Should Prostitution And Sex Tourism Be Legalized In Africa?

Prostitution and sex work is very common in most African countries. Read: Top 5 African Countries Popular For Sex Tourism. The full analytics on this topic by Olatorera Consultancy Limited took several hours of debates and research. We will reveal a tidbit of the final summary in this article. Sex tourism is very popular in Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Dominican Republic and Thailand. In light of many countries around the world including Canada and South Africa leganizing weed, many are clamoring for the legalization of prostitution.

Yes to Sex Tourism in Africa? 

Afterall, “if you legalize a substance that can be detrimental to the body, you can legalize sex as a choice. My body, my choice.” Freedom and choice are necessary human rights that should not be taken away from anyone. Nonetheless, given the high rate of illiteracy and the very high rate of poverty in Africa, brought on by unfair international practices and low levels of leadership in the continent, prostitution has been detrimental to African women and should be reasonably regulated. Prostitution is one of the key causes of HIV/AIDS, other ailments and death among poor women in Africa. For now, we say no to sex tourism and to criminalization of sex work. A resounding yes to wider education and stronger regulation of sex work.


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